Sunday, April 27, 2008

Graffiti on flickr

Graffiti on Philip St, Bedminster, Bristol, UK (opposite Windmill City Farm)

but the good part is that Mance left a comment right below it that read:

"Sounds like freedom to me!

As opposed to
'Queue for a possible job, wonder if the kids will ever have an education, wish you could afford some footwear, act as if your every word is being monitored, try to catch some news from anything but the state media, worry you'll never make old age, fear anarchic violence.

Repeat after me: I am free'"

Way to give it to em Mance! I couldn't agree more.


imri said...

i actually downloaded that picture as well. you beat me to putting on my web log....

you win this time, l. beau.

vanster said...

How's that for food for thought??