Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Music into words.

I was recently given a CD of a band called 'Taken by Trees' from a friend, but with this gift came an 'assignment'; I have to let him know what drink the lead singer's voice sounds like.

I don't have a direct link to the music but you can listen to it from their website here.

He said- White Russian
I say- Chai Tea Latte. I guess I like the creamy idea, but her voice just isn't all that intoxicating. That and I think somebody in my office is eating something (probably a cookie) that smells all gingery/cinnamon/nutmegy, and it seems to fit.

Music metaphors are a tricky business, but I just happened to stumble upon a blog that has a pretty good handle on it - . I love this entry:

Ponytail - "Beg Waves" (This is a direct link to the song.)

"Ponytail gets it exactly right in the opening track to Ice Cream Spiritual: electrically live and still marvellously composed, like a Duke Ellington suite for hoarse throats, scraped knees, joy. It's The Fall, not Deerhoof, I hear clearest in their song - but with fewer regrets, fewer chips-on-shoulder, just thrills & fears & squawk. Let's say you were arriving overnight from California, muscle-tired and underslept, but you have a whole day in front of you; let's imagine there's a million reasons to fall asleep but one big one to stay awake; let's imagine you have to go on and on and on; let's imagine you need a new reason to pump yr fist in the air. Well: here. Beautiful and squalid."

They also post a picture with each song -


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