Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Choir Practice

Anticipating my trip to Washington this weekend for the Sasquatch Music Festival, I decided to check out some of the unfamiliar bands in the lineup to see if I could make any discoveries.

I chose The Choir Practice.

Lovable. I thoroughly enjoy choral music and combining it with indie folk seems to work really well. They have connections to the New Pornographers, Coco Rosie, and P;ano- they're all readily apparent.

Let me try some metaphor here: It's like a morning in late summer. You're passing the same fountain that you pass everyday on your walk to work, but this time you actually pay attention to the fountain. It has a dozen spigots shooting out streams of water in rhythmic unison. It seems larger and louder than it ever has. It makes you stop for a second- not that you haven't wanted to in the past, but today you're not late for work.

1 comment:

imri said...

i just keep listening. i'm glad we saw them live.