Monday, June 9, 2008

Fun with infographics

I found this site today that lets you build infographics based on connections between notable people.

(I could play on this all day.)

At first I was trying to find a link between presidential hopeful, Barack Obama and actress, Judy Dench, but once I found out that Barack was indirectly linked not only to Jesus Christ, but also Meryl Streep- I decided to stop there. You really can't beat that duo.

The connection goes something like this:

(deep inhale) Barack was one of the many liberal politicians that was part of a documentary called 'Tanner on Tanner' starring Cynthia Nixon. As we all know Cynthia Nixon played Miranda on 'Sex & the City' which also featured a character that dated Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker's character) named Berger- played by Ron Livingston (better known for his starring role in The Office). Ron Livingston was an actor in the TV series, 'The Practice,' starring William Shatner whose former mistress, Heather Locklear, once had a 'romance' with Tom Cruise. And Tom Cruise, along with Meryl Streep and Jesus Christ, were all portrayed as muppets.

I win.

You can play with the infographic that I made right here.


imri said...

i couldn't have demanded a better post to a blog.

thank you for blowing my mind.

Rachael said...

that... rocks!
Next time someone claims Barack is Muslim, I'm all over this argument ;)
jaykay, jaykay. but maybe...

Megan said...

Okay... so I miss you. I wish I could hang out with you all the time... I love your infographic dear! MOVE TO NEW YORK NOW!