Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whale Hunt

This is taken from an infographic blog: (I am loving it right now).

"from Jonathan Harris: a visual interface for telling the story of a traditional whale hunt by a family of Inupiat Eskimos in Barrow, Alaska.

Jonathan documented the entire experience with a sequence of 3,214 photographs, taken at 5-minute intervals, even while sleeping (using a chronometer), establishing a constant “photographic heartbeat”. In moments of high adrenaline, this photographic heartbeat would quicken (to a maximum rate of 37 pictures in 5 minutes while the first whale was being cut up), mimicking the changing pace of his own heartbeat.

All the pictures can be displayed as a mosaic (all photos simultaneously), a timeline (a medical heartbeat graph whose magnitude at each point corresponds to the photographic frequency) or as a pinwheel (circular timeline). Each photo is coded by date, time, cadence (level of excitement), context (where it was taken), concepts (which ideas are represented) & cast (who is pictured)."


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