Friday, September 5, 2008

Lars: If man had been physically able to give birth, men would have been better mothers. Girls aren’t cool. They can be pretty or “cute,” and with some serious dieting, even sexy. They can be nice. Dumb, but nice. But who wants “nice”? You want interesting people around you. Has a girl ever introduced you to any new music or recommended a book you didn’t already read in high school? Anything just slightly outside the mainstream? If so, she got it from an ex, her brother, her father. They just pretend. It’s worse here. On the East Side, they know they’re underprivileged. Here they think they have to have an opinion. And intrude on adult conversations…
Erik: Still, girls have to be busy with something, too? At least all the boys have an interest they become absorbed in. If it’s music, a band. If it’s football, it’s something. I don’t know what but there’s something. But what are girls into?
Lars: Horses and menstruation.
Erik: Okay, but not all girls are like that. You’ve got to agree with me on that.
Lars: No. Bullshit. Feeling guilty is slave mentality. Sometimes you have to be Zarathustra. Be mean.

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